Importing from OrCAD
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Author:  Ramesh [ Sat Nov 12, 2011 3:02 pm ]
Post subject:  Importing from OrCAD


I am new to CADint and have been working with them on importing from OrCAD which is what I was using. What an improvement.

CADint can outdo Orcad hands down when it comes to hierarchical schematics. I have been using Orcad to create schematics since 1977 and I am telling you it can't even come close to CADint hierarchical capabilities.

CADint's schematic top sheet can be simple (boxes for each sheet) or it can have boxes with lines and buses between them. You can have sub-boxes inside of the sheets (a schematic sheet inside a schematic sheet) I am amazed that anyy sheet can actually be it's own PCB. Wow I can have 1 or more PCB designs within the same schematic. If you go with multi-PCB's, then your top sheet with boxes can now become the shape of the PCB for that sheet.

ALL Schematics have programmable bus/line widths, you can view logical net from anywhere to anywhere through out the schematic and even to the PCB.
IF after all the work is done and you finally do create a PCB design and you make a change inside the PCB, your schematic is automatically corrected.

I am blown away. Thank you.

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