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Schematic Capture

Draw hierarchical schematic diagrams with an unlimited number of pages. Local net definitions allow multiple instances of pages, enabling modular design flow.

Intelligent bus member enumeration speeds design entry and notation.

PCB Design

Powerful layout features include net guidelines, manual trace routing with optional mitering or Bezier curves, pin and group swap, automatic via generation, trace length and impedance calculators, global adjustment of annular ring size, connectivity and clearance rules check, intelligent copper pour and more.

Amazing 3D PCB

The CADint 3D Viewer allows you to view your board from any angle at nearly any magnification. Vertical clearance constraints for components can easy be visualized, as can any aspect of the PCB itself.

Custom 3D PCB Symbols and the completed design’s can be loaded directly into SolidWorks.

System Highlights

  • High performance architecture
  • Unlimited number of trace widths, pads, hole size
  • Unlimited number of via sizes and shapes
  • Unlimited number of components per board, etc.
  • Simple consistent graphical user interface
  • Submicron precision with a resolution of 0.000001m
  • Intelligent hierarchical database structure
  • Ability to view and edit schematic in layout
  • User programmable accelerator keys and tool bar
  • Check and view connectivity quickly and accurately
  • Any net can be viewed either graphically or in “net list” format
  • Clearance violations are easily located and corrected using the View Next command

Post-Processing Features

  • One-step generation of photoplotter and drill data, or Unlimited programmable GBR creation... Learn More?
  • Powerful plotting module with: Flexible sheet set management for mixing various view on a single sheet
  • Output to any Windows printers
  • Output to file graphics formats: DXF, Gerber, HPGL, Postscript and more
  • Print preview with full pan and zoom
  • Pick and Place output in MyData, Panasonic, SPEA Siemens format. Pad/Land/Net/Location Report
  • Flexible Bill of Materials and Order List generation loadable directly into Excel
  • Test pads/net list generation
  • Design note functionality for annotation, drill table, board statistics and other documentation purposes
  • Generate all documentation without leaving Cadint by importing customer formats to be used for Fabrication drawings Assembly drawings