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Schematic Capture

Our Hierarchical Schematic capture is second to none. .Unlimited capabilities include multi−bus structure with 99 different bus names, different widths for different buses. You can trace a signal throughout the entire design including systems schematic which has purchased parts. (Cables, other PCBbd’s etc.) Block/Copy/Drop see #6 below.

100% True Bi−Directional back and forth between Schematic/PCB Design

Create a schematic and the design is always good. Change the design and the schematic is corrected. No matter what you do you can not create a bad design as long as the schematic input is correct.

ASCII Imports in BOTH Schematic and PCB Designs

CADint can import ASCII data from several platforms such as Visula, CADstar, PADs, EEDesigner, P−CAD, Protel, Tango, and Edwin, very soon Orcad layout. Example: You import an Orcad schematic and a Pad’s design, NOW using the features in #2 above you can match the two different packages to be 100% True Bi−Directional.

PCB Designs

There is NO limit to the size, shape or layer count CADint when creating PCB designs. The only Cadint PCB limitation is your imagination.


Interactive Router is included FREE

Every seat of CADint comes with a very powerful push and shove interactive router. The router is a rules driven hand router that uses information defined in the PCB file to control it. Once your parameters are set, routing can be achieved without any DRC or Clearance Errors.

ONLY CADint can Block/Copy/Drop

Block/Copy/Drop is a way to describe being able to pick ANY section in a schematic and/or design, Copy it and Drop it anywhere you like. These Block copies can be placed within the same schematic/design or placed in a totally different design. Block/Copy/Drop allows you to save a schematic circuit and it’s layout for future use anywhere any time. You can also copy/move anything to any new location within .000001 of an inch.

Plane Generation

CADint provides a powerful plane generation feature. You can create unlimited copper pours on any layer of your design using CADint. Some of the user−defined plane features included are: Clearance, Outline width, Thermal Connection Width, Thermal Backoff Distance, Board Backoff Distance, Keepout areas, Embed Reference Net Vias, Embed Reference Net Traces.

Gerber Data Generation

CADint offers a one button Gerber and NC drill data generation. You have to see it to believe it. The command is even called "Easy Gerber and Drill". CADint looks for Gerber and NC data and presents a selection list you pick from to create a fabrication package. It even gives you the option of zipping the data into one file. Pad’s and others require you to create and store images individually. CADint does this too. CADint can generate all panelization Gerber’s, NC drill, and fabrication drawings completely if you have one. You also have the ability to do a composite drawing without limitation. For example: an assembly drawing could show both the component side and solder side (as seen from back) any scale anywhere in any format of your choice with pre−written notes and tables.


Fabrication and Assembly Drawing Generation

CADint allows for the generation of PCB images with superimposed, standard or user generated title blocks for quick generation of any support documentation. There are several stock images but you can create your own on the fly and have them every time you want to create a support document. You can import a DXF image of your title block.

Design outputs and Readable Color Printing

CADint has numerous types of output reporting such as:Bill of Materials, Purchasing list, Excel) along with TIFF, BitMap and Screen Dump. Programmable colors in printing. 5 Pick & place formats (ALL of which load directly into.)

Tech Support

CADint’s tech support starts when you down load the free software and continues at no cost as long as you own the package. All you need to do is call us.
We invite you to discover what world−class software and support is really all about. We look forward to hearing from you.
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Gerber Import

CADint can accept Gerber and DXF data import. CADint can import a DXF file and convert that file to copper. This feature along with gerber import make reverse engineering a PCB an easier process. In CADint, the time required to re−create a design is significantly reduced since gerber data can be imported as individual files and assigned to what ever layer you want. Once imported, you can select a destination layer, just like third party CAM programs. While this is not an "intelligent" import, it provides an exact placement "roadmap" of the target PCB. base. The actual parts can be positioned directly over the imported gerber data. Traces can be routed using the Gerber data as a pattern. Once the routes are completed, run a DRC & clearance check to verify your work. Once you have completed this step the whole schematic can be created in reverse.